Array of Sunshine

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Gift Pack currently contains:


Dark Chocolate Raisin 24 oz tub

Milk Chocolate Raisin 24 oz tub

Mixed Fruit -Fanciful 16oz tub

Golden Raisin 12 oz. box

Raisin 32 oz bag

Mediterranean Apricots 6 oz bag

Pitted Dates 8 oz bag

Pitted Prunes 7 oz bag

Oatmeal 15 oz bag

Granola 12 oz bag

Tropical Trio 10 oz bag

Jumbo Cashew 8 oz. bag


Dark Chocolate Barrel Aged Caramels 10 oz

Chocolate Cherries 10 oz

Vanilla Yogurt 6-pack


Similar items may be substituted if necessary

HEAT ADVISORY during summer months