Array of Sunshine Gift Pack

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Gift Pack currently contains:


Dark Chocolate Raisin 24 oz tub

Milk Chocolate Raisin 24 oz tub

Golden Raisin 12 oz. box

Raisin 32 oz bag

Mediterranean Apricots 6 oz bag

Pitted Dates 8 oz bag

Pitted Prunes 7 oz bag

Nectarines 16oz tub

Peaches 16 oz tub

Oatmeal 15 oz bag

Granola 12 oz bag

Dark Chocolate Barrel Aged Caramels 10 oz

Chocolate Cherries 10 oz

Chocolate Jordan Almonds 10 oz bag

Lemon Shortbread 10 oz bag

Chocolate Cherries & Berries 10oz bag

Vanilla Yogurt 6-pack


Similar items may be substituted if necessary

HEAT ADVISORY during summer months