Sun-Maid Valley Best Crate


This crate currently contains the following:


Raisin Jam 

Flame Grape Jelly

Chocolate Almomds 16 oz

Zante Currants 8 oz

Golden Raisins 15 oz

California Natural Raisins 12 oz

Pitted Prunes 7 oz

Mediterranean Apricots 6 oz

Pitted Dates 7 oz

Vanilla Yogurt Raisins 8 oz

Pistachios in shell 7 oz

Roasted & Salted Almonds 8oz 

chocolate Jordan Raisins 10 oz

Milk Chocolate Raisins 10 oz

Dark Chocolate Raisins 24 oz

Milk Chocolate Raisins 24 oz

Apricot Slabs 16 oz


Similar items may be subsituted if necessary

Heat Advisory during summer months