Sun-Maid Favorites Gift Crate

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Sun-Maid Favorites

Decorative square crate filled with mouthwatering treats! 

Milk Chocolate Raisin 24 oz

Dark Chocolate Raisin 24 oz

Chocolate Walnuts 10 oz

Chocolate Jordan Almonds 10 oz

Canteloupe 10oz bag

California Raisins 32 oz Bag

Mango 15 oz bag

Vanilla Yogurt Raisin 6-pack

Honey Roasted Peanuts 10 oz bag

Chocolate Yogurt Raisin 6-pack

Golden Raisin 12 oz 


Several items in this gift pack are heat sensative! An ice pack with expedited shipping during summer months is recommended!


Similar items may be substituted if necessary