Sun-Maid Muscats Chocolate Covered (Limited Inventory - LAST of the Muscats)

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Sun-Maid Muscats
Made from the Muscat grape, these traditional favorites have a distinctive, sweet flavor and are larger in size than Natural California Raisins. Available in plain or chocolate covered, Muscat raisins are offered only at The Sun-Maid Market, while supplies last.


UPDATE: So it seems that this will be the last of the Muscat Raisins for the foreseeable future. Once this batch is gone - the Muscat Raisins are GONE! Since the best by date is approaching we are putting the Muscat's (all varieties and sizes) on Sale!

2 lb. Plain/Uncoated $12.00 
2 lb. Dark Chocolate $18.00 
2 lb. Milk Chocolate $18.00