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Tasty Pistachio Mixture
Who doesn't love Pistachio's?   Get a mixture of 3 different Pistachio's here:   You get: Chocolate Toffee Pistachios Dark Chocolate...
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Amazing Almonds
These almonds ARE amazing! You get:  Roasted and Salted Almonds  Milk Chocolate Almonds  Caramel Macchiato Almonds   HEAT ADVISORY All...

Coconut & Macadamia Madness
What happens when you add chocolate, coconut and Macadamia nuts? - Its madness~!   You get:  Milk Chocolate Coconut Toffee Macadamia (MY FAVORITE)...
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Banana Chips (2 sizes available)
Delicious Banana Chips are available in 2 sizes: 7 oz. tubs $6.99 10oz bag $8.50
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Chocolate Covered Bananas Chips (2 sizes)
[Contact us for a price]
Dark Chocolate ORGANIC 4oz. bag $5.99 Milk Chocolate 10 oz. bag $4.99
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Blueberries Dried (2 sizes available)
Delicious Dried Blueberries in 2 sizes.   10 oz. Bag 7.99 16 oz. Tub $12.50

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Chocolate Rocks & Pieces
Under Construction Rocks 10 oz. $5.99   Under Construction Pieces (Pebbles) 10 oz. Bag 5.99
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Sun-Maid Playing Cards
Featuring images of the iconic brand.
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Sun-Maid Tote
Enjoy using our new Sun-Maid tote. THis lightweight tote is priced to move at $2.00 - Get yours today.
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Roasted & Salted Sunflower Kernels
These sunflower kernels are freshly roasted and lightly salted to bring out even more of their great taste. 10 oz. Bag RSSK-10-NG  $3.99
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The Sun-Maid Raisins Play Book
A fun interactive book by B. Alison Weir illustrated by Judith Moffatt (raisins not included).
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Barbecue Sunflower Kernels 12 oz. bag
These barbecue sunflower kernels are full of flavor without the heat. 10 oz. Bag RSSK-10-NG  $4.50
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