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T-Shirt - Sun-Maid Large Logo on Back
Our Classic Red Shirt sporting the "Sun-Maid "Above the left side on the front of the shirt and a large Sun-Maid logo on the back
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Socks! Socks! Socks! Socks!
A brand new addition to our clothing line. SOCKS!  4 different designs   1) Black & Red with mini Sun-Maid Girl Logo's adorning the socks 2)...
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Plum Organic Mug
Enjoy the hot beverage of your choice in one of our new Plum Organic mugs. Choose either a red inner color or a purple one - or one of each.
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Cooler - Sun-Mad LIT 22qt
Exclusive, patent pending Sun-Maid logo Plate and Window   Patented Rechargable Night Sight - Led Liner   Heavy duty roto-molded construction...
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Hat - Trucker Hats
Quite a few of the new "Trucker" hats to choose from:   1) A red mesh hat with a Sun-Maid patch front and cemter. A "since 1912" stitched on the brim....
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Yogurt Mini Snacks - 2 flavors available
2 Different flavored mini snacks for your enjoyment  Perfect for a snack!   1) Chocolate Yogurt Covered Raisins - 10-0.5 oz pouches per box 2)...
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Onesie's - 3 Styles
An ideal gift for the future Sun-Maid lover. We have 3 different stylese and colors for you to chose from 1) A red Sun-Maid Onesie stating "Thanks for...
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T-Shirt Infant I (heart) Sun-Maid
We ALL Love Sun-Maid so why not show it?   Sizes from 6 months to 5-6 T
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Chocolate Raisin Canister Milk or Dark 40 oz
They are back!   40oz of Premium Milk or Dark Chocolate in a plastic tub with a new red lid.   Heat Advisory - Chocolate will Melt in...
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Sun-Maid Playing Cards
Featuring images of the iconic brand.
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Sun-Maid Tote
Enjoy using our new Sun-Maid tote. THis lightweight tote is priced to move at $2.00 - Get yours today.
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Key Chain - Acrylic Sun-Maid/Plum
A new acrylic key chain celebrating the joining of the Plum brand with Sun-Maid
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