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Chocolate Jordan Raisins
MIlk chocolate raisins covered in Jordan candy coating.  Available in 2 sizes  10 oz. bag 16 oz. tub   Note: An ice pack will provide up to...
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Chocolate Nut Assortment
Chocolate Almonds Roasted Almonds Chocolate Machiato Almonds   All items are sold seperately also!   HEAT ADVISORY
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Chocolate Nut Variety Pack
Like chocolate covered nuts. If so this is the variety pack for you. You get: Milk Chocolate Walnuts Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews Milk...
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Chocolate Nuts 2U
Chocolate Nuts 2U is a delicious helping of: Chocolate Walnuts Chocolate Almonds Chocolate Pecans If you like nuts covered with delicious...
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Chocolate Raisin & Nut Combo
A smaller version for those on a tighter budget: Milk Chocolate Raisin 10 oz Dark Chocolate Raisin 10 oz Milk Chocolate Walnuts 10 oz Milk...
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Chocolate Raisin & Nut Combo Deluxe
Red decorative tray filled with 10 oz. bags of your favorite chocolate covered raisins and nuts: Premium Milk Chocolate Raisins, Premium Dark Chocolate...
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Chocolate Strawberries
2 sizes available   10 oz. Bag of chocolate-covered strawberries  $7.25 24 oz. tub of chocolate-covered strawberries. $12.99
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Coconut & Macadamia Madness
What happens when you add chocolate, coconut and Macadamia nuts? - Its madness~!   You get:  Milk Chocolate Coconut Toffee Macadamia (MY FAVORITE)...
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Colossal Pistachios
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Cookies - Oatmeal Raisin Apple - 2 sizes available
Bite size premium cookies with wholesome ingredients including natural oats, apples and plump natural sun-dried raisins. Single 2 oz. bag $1.00   Case...
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Counter Art™ Cutting Board
$21.99 $18.99
Produced from a painting by Jerry Winters. Ours exclusively. 12"x15" dishwasher safe, shatter resistant and hygienic.
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Covered Almonds Joy
Three tasty covering over already delicious almonds. You get:   Chocolate Jordan Almonds Lemon Creme Almonds Yogurt Almonds   HEAT...
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