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Oatmeal & Granola
Sun-Maid Granola is an all natural granola made from the finest, freshest grains and nuts blended with a touch of wildflower honey and plump, juicy...
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Seeds - Roast & Salted Pumpkin Seeds
Enjoy a great snack. Roasted & Salted in shell Pumpkin Seeds 12oz. (340g)  $6.75  
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Lemon Blueberry Shortbread
Lemon Blueberry Shortbread is back again! Its a dried blueberry covered by a shortbread cookie covered by a light lemon flavored candy shell. Great for...

Sun-Maid Coasters
What every Sun-Maid fan needs. 1) 1915 - The association began using the "Sun-Maid" brand name and the painting of Lorraine Collett became the iconic...
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Sun-Maid Ornament
Ceelbrate the season or any time of the year with this Sun-Maid Ornament
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Chocolate Raisin & Nut Combo
A smaller version for those on a tighter budget: Milk Chocolate Raisin 10 oz Dark Chocolate Raisin 10 oz Milk Chocolate Walnuts 10 oz Milk...
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Sun-Maid "Bling" Hat/Cap
A Hat with a "blinged" out design
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Chocolate Nuts 2U
Chocolate Nuts 2U is a delicious helping of: Chocolate Walnuts Chocolate Almonds Chocolate Pecans If you like nuts covered with delicious...
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Sun-Maid Duffel Bag
Going out-of-town? Don't forget to pack up your Sun-Maid Duffel bag. Perfect size for that weekend away- comes with 2 different straps.
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Sun-Maid Lunch Bag
Enjoy using our newest Sun-Maid Lunch Bag.
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Deluxe Orchard Gift Pack
This gift pack currently contains: Dark Chocolate Yogurt Raisin 6-pack Vanilla Yogurt Raisin 6-pack California Raisin 12 oz Milk Chocolate...
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Raisin 2lb bag (32 oz)
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