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Hat - Trucker Hats
Quite a few of the new "Trucker" hats to choose from:   1) A red mesh hat with a Sun-Maid patch front and cemter. A "since 1912" stitched on the brim....
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Greeting Cards
Include one of our 5 greeting cards in your gift order today. Just tell us what to write in the comments section of the checkout)   1) "You did a...
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Fruity Snacks - Sun-Maid
Sun-Maid Fruity Raisin Snacks Tastes like sweet candy. Whole Fruit! NO added Sugar. Each box contains 7 0.7 (20g) pouches Available in Peach...
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Dried Fruit Galore Gift Pack
Fruit Galore currently includes:   Golden Fig 6 oz bag Zante Currants 8 oz bag Chopped Dates 8 oz bag Organic Raisin 6-pack Golden Raisin...
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Deluxe Orchard Gift Pack
This gift pack currently contains: Dark Chocolate Yogurt Raisin 6-pack Vanilla Yogurt Raisin 6-pack California Raisin 12 oz bag Milk Chocolate...

Dark Chocolate Yogurt Raisins Assorted Sizes
The best tasting, nutritious raisins from the sunny Central Valley in California are covered with a creamy, real chocolate yogurt coating to create a...
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Dark Chocolate Barrel Aged Boubon Caramels
A warm, distinctive flavor of sweet southern bourbon pairs perfectly with our butter handcrafted caramels under a rich dark chocolate! Relax and get...
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Counter Art™ Cutting Board
$21.99 $15.99
Produced from a painting by Jerry Winters. Ours exclusively. 12"x15" dishwasher safe, shatter resistant and hygienic.
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Cooler - Sun-Mad LIT 22qt
Exclusive, patent pending Sun-Maid logo Plate and Window   Patented Rechargable Night Sight - Led Liner   Heavy duty roto-molded construction...
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Cookies - Oatmeal Raisin Apple - 2 sizes available
Bite size premium cookies with wholesome ingredients including natural oats, apples and plump natural sun-dried raisins. Single 2 oz. bag $1.00   Case...
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Colossal Pistachios
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Chocolate Toffee Nut Tray
Try one of our newest delicious gift choices. This tub contains the following Powdered Nuts: Chocolate Toffee Pistachios Chocolate Almond Toffee...

Chocolate Strawberries
2 sizes available   10 oz. Bag of chocolate-covered strawberries  $12.99 24 oz. tub of chocolate-covered strawberries. $18.99
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Chocolate Raisin Duo Tin
The age old question? Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? How about both?   In this new item, (a red tin) you get 16 ounces of milk chocolate and 16...
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Chocolate Raisin Canister Milk or Dark 40 oz
They are back!   40oz of Premium Milk or Dark Chocolate in a plastic tub with a new red lid.   Heat Advisory - Chocolate will Melt in...
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Chocolate Raisin & Nut Combo
A smaller version for those on a tighter budget: Milk Chocolate Raisin 10 oz Dark Chocolate Raisin 10 oz Milk Chocolate Walnuts 10 oz Milk...
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Chocolate Nut Variety Pack
A age old classic that is loved by many. You get the following chocolate covered nuts in a bright blue tin.   Milk Chocolate Almonds Milk Chocolate...
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Chocolate Fruit Assortment
A delicious variety of our famous chocolate fruits:  Chocolate Apricots Chocolate Blueberries Chocolate Strawberries Chocolate Cherries...

Chocolate Delite - No sugar added or Sugar Free Tub
For those of us watching our sugar intake we have the following suggestion.   No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Raisins No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate...

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Kernels
Coated in smooth milk chocolate with a rainbow candy shell. 16oz bag
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Chocolate Cherries - Pastel 10 oz
10 oz. bag of chocolate-covered cherries.
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Chocolate Cherries - No Sugar Added 10 oz. - 2 Sizes Available
Sweet dried cherries cloaked in delicious milk chocolate and packaged in a convenient 10 oz. bag. Perfect for a low-sugar snack.  10 oz. Bag  $9.99...
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Chocolate Cherries - 2 sizes available
Cherries dipped in milk chocolate with a chewy cherry coating 
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Chocolate Cherries & Berries
Tender dried cherries, strawberries, and blueberries covered in milk chocolate and pastel fruit coatings.  10 oz. bag  $9.99  ...
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